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Author: PurdueGuy


PurdueGuy's Knowledge Guide Master List


Aura: Wheels

Aura: Radios

Sky: Engines

Sky: Models

Sky: Odd Facts

S-Series: JDM Saturns

S-Series: Engines

S-Series: ModelDiffs

S-Series: Radios

S-Series: Transmissions

S-Series: Trim Levels

S-Series: FAQ

S-Series: Wheels

Vue: Models

Vue: Special Models


PurdueGuy's DIY Guide Master List


L-Series: Remove Door Handles


(under construction)


PurdueGuy's Racing Article Master List


So you want to make a Saturn S-Series fast?


PurdueGuy's Video Guides


Videos 1-10

- Lugnut Tip

- Mink Creek South Fork - Uphill

- South Mink Creek - Uphill

- STC YStone 2009, Video #1

- STC YStone 2009, Video #2

- STC YStone 2009, Video #3







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