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Saturn Clubs

                    Central Ohio Saturn Car Club  

                    (No personal experience...)

                    Midwest Saturn Club                

                    (Not very active)

                    Northeast Saturn Club           

                    (No personal experience)


                    (No personal experience. Based out of Ontario, Canada.)

       Saturn Performance Club      

                    (Good club - a few meets a year, knowledgeable members.)

                    (Recommended due to being an active, serious club with knowledgeable & friendly members)

                    Saturn Racing Group              

                    (No personal experience...)

                    Saturn Red Line Owner's Association    

                    (No personal experience.  Site hasn't been updated in a long time, may not be an active group.)

       Saturn Tuners Club (STC)      

                    (Probably the largest & most active club.  Website not complete, see

                    (Recommended due to being an active, serious club with knowledgeable & friendly members)

                    Saturn Tunerz (Geocities)      

                    (Seems to be an abandoned site, but has some pictures & such.)

            SPOC-New England  

                     (Site not regularly updated, but the club had an active e-mail list last I knew)

                    SPOC-Northwest Region

                     (Pretty much dead splinter chapter of the Saturn Performance Owners Club [SPOC])

                    St. Paul Saturn Car Club  

                     (Looks like a dead club.)

Saturn-Specific Forums

       Different Racing        

                    (No personal experience, but excellent reputation)

                    (Recommended due to excellent how-to guides and reputation for knowledgeable members)


                    (No personal experience. Based out of Ontario, Canada.)


                    (Long dead forum)     

                    (No personal experience, but excellent reputation)

                    (Recommended due to reputation for knowledgeable members)


                    (No personal experience, but it seems to be a solid forum)        

                    (Very active forum, fairly high noob content and a generic feel, but can be a good source of info)

                    (Recommended for newbies)

          Saturn Forum            

                    (Seems somewhat active, but no personal experience.)

          Saturn MotorSports  

                    (No personal experience...)

          Saturn Performance 

                    (No personal experience...)

                   Saturn Racing Group 

                    (Small forum, no personal experience)


                    (No recent experience, but this forum has been around for a while)


                    (Site purchased by an advertising company.  Rarely been back since, seems to be going downhill)       

                    (Definitely one of the top sites for serious and experienced tuners and enthusiasts.)

                    (Recommended due to abundance of knowledgeable members, and being a very active forum)


                    (No personal experience, but seems like a good place for Sky owners)

            Street Design Auto (SDA)    

                    (No personal experience, but excellent reputation.)


                    (Some good how-tos and other stuff.)


                    (No personal experience, but it looks near dead.)

Forums w/Saturn Sections

          Automotive Forums 

                    (No personal experience, but it seems somewhat active.)

    Cheers and Gears     

                    (A great site for all of GM, and often one of the first places I hear about new Saturn news)

                    (Recommended for keeping up to date on Saturn news)


                    (No personal experience, but seems to be at least somewhat active in the Saturn section.)


                    (Forum for Sky/Solstice.  Doesn't seem very active.)


                    (Found it interesting that this tinting forum had a section specific to Saturns...)


                    (No personal experience.  Doesn't seem very active.)

Saturn-Specific Retailers

    6th Planet Auto Parts           

                    (VERY tarnished reputation - tread carefully!)

                    (Recommended against due to tarnished reputation and rude interactions with business owner.)


                    (No personal experience with the products.)

    Street Design Auto (SDA)    

                    (No personal experience, but excellent reputation.)

                    (Recommended due to good reputation for quality specialized parts.)

            Saturn Auto Salvage             

                    (No personal experience...)

            Saturn MotorSports (SMS)   

                    (No personal experience, but seems to have a reputation of fine products at somewhat high prices.)                    

                    (No personal experience, but my understanding is that it is a Saturn dealership selling @ discount)

                    (Recommended for OEM parts when dealership is too far away, due to good reputation)


                    (Another Saturn OEM parts retailer)


                    (Another Saturn OEM parts retailer)


                    (No personal experience, but a tainted reputation.)

                    (Recommended against due to unresolved customer complaints.)

            Saturn Performance Systems (SPS)    

                    (No personal experience.  Reputation of fine products, but somewhat high prices.)                          

                    (No personal experience, but excellent reputation.)

                    (Recommended due to reputation for great specialized parts)

Other Useful Retailers

            Andy's Auto Sport                 

                    (No personal experience.)

            Black Cat Custom                  

                    (No personal experience. They have some custom gauges, maybe other Saturn stuff.)

            Cosmo Racing                       

                    (No personal experience, but they have some Saturn stuff.)            

                    (No personal experience, but have heard good things.)

                    (Recommended due to good reputation for customer service)


                    (c'mon, who hasn't heard of e-Bay?!  A Saturn owner's best friend.)

                    (Recommended due to being e-bay)

            Gravana Tuning                     

                    (No personal experience...)


                    (No personal experience...)

            JC Whitney                            

                    (No personal experience, but a well-established company.)

            M&S Recycling                       

                    (No personal experience.  Salvage yard for Mitsu, Saturn, and Dodge.)


                    (No personal experience)


                    (No personal experience, but an extremely well-established business.)


                    (No personal experience...)

           Rex Morgan                  

                    (Saturn, Subaru, and Saab salvage yard.  I was treated rudely, but no reports of ripoffs.)


                    (No personal experience, but they have the rear strut bar brackets.)

                    (Recommended - only place to get end links for S-Series rear strut bar.)

            Summit Racing Equipment  

                    (No personal experience, but a well established company.)

Other Interesting Saturn Links


                    (A guy who's been modifying his 3rd gen SC2 and documenting it.)

            Casting numbers 

                    (Guy ranting about his cracked S-Series head goes over how to check casting numbers)

            Electric Saturn 

                    (Saturn converted to electric - there are a few others on the site if you search)


                    (Documented modifications to a couple Saturns, and some other Saturn information.)

            Kakashi Racing       

                    (Has the SPS SC2 in pictures, haven't looked into the connection/involvement.)

            Planet 6 Racing     

                    (Last I checked the main page was up, but the rest was dead links...)

            Saturn Drag Car     

                    (Feature on a Saturn drag car on the Racetech/SDS website.)

            Saturn SC Turbo - Car & Driver

                    (Feature about a custom turbo'd SC2)

            SCR Motorsports   

                    (No personal experience, but the site founder helped design the S-Series' braking system.)

            Special Edition Saturns  

                    (Lists the Special Edition S-Series cars.)

            Spin or Win Racing         

                    (Group that used to race a '97 SC2)


                    (Some good how-tos and other stuff.)

            ThunderSport Racing     

                    (Site for a racing group, currently racing an ION Redline.)


                    (A personal page for a good looking Saturn.)


                    (No personal experience, but very highly regarded.)


                    (Pretty good site, and anyone can contribute, so make it even better!)

                                         Entry for "Saturn"

                                         Entry for "Saturn S-Series"

                                         Entry for "Saturn L-Series"

                                         Entry for "Saturn Vue"

                                         Entry for "Saturn Ion"

                                         Entry for "Saturn Relay"

                                         Entry for "Saturn Sky"

                                         Entry for "Saturn Aura"

                                         Entry for "Saturn Outlook"

                                         Entry for "Z-Body" (used for the S-Series)

                                         Entry for "Saturn I4 engine" (S-Series 1.9L)

                                         Entry for "Ecotec Engine" (used in the Vue, Ion, and L-Series)

                                         Entry for "Spring Hill Manufacturing"

                                         Entry for "Jill Lajdziak" (Saturn General Manager)



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